Items Needed for 24-Hour Underwriting

  • Loan Application 
  •  Signed most recent year tax return
  •  Summary of work to be completed (if applicable)
  •  2 months most recent bank statements
  •  2 most recent pay stubs (if applicable)
  •  Rent rolls and copies of all rental agreements (if applicable)
  •  Form 4506-T
  •  Personal Financial Statement (We will provide form)
  •  Borrowers Credit Authorization form (We will provide form)

Additional Items Needed to Close

  • Title Policy (obtained by borrower’s attorney) insuring marketable title
  •  Signed purchase & sales agreement
  •  Hazard insurance binder
  •  Current year property tax statement showing taxes paid in full through closing
  •  Appraisal (obtained by us paid by borrower)
  •  Borrower’s counsel’s opinion letter
  •  Voided check to set up ACH payments

All Loans Must Close in an LLC or a Corporation

  • Articles of Incorporation/Organization
  •  Corporate / LLC resolution authorizing the loan, and the officer(s) authorized to execute the loan documents
  •  Corporate bylaws or LLC Operating Agreement (resolution required)
  •  Certificate of Legal Existence
  •  Copies of Partnership / Trust Agreement